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Applications Closed

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Applications Closed

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"This is what I’ve been waiting for."

      – Christy Harris, Teacher at Broadview-Thompson Elementary

"We have to own the scary uncomfortable experimentation process in order to figure out what does work best for us…what is the best practice…and you only really learn it by actually working with other teachers."

      – Jordan Griffith, Teacher at Cedarhurst Elementary



The Problem

Teaching practice must be dynamic in an ever-changing field with evolving student needs. Unfortunately most teachers lack vital opportunities for hands-on professional learning and collaboration with peers. In fact, only 4% will even see their colleagues teach. This professional isolation is detrimental to serving students well and contributes to teacher attrition, with high costs for students and the state.

Our Solution

The UW College of Education’s EduDesign Lab disrupts teacher isolation by supporting professional learning communities created by and for teachers. EduDesign Labs are professional learning communities that convene teachers across schools to learn new pedagogy and then develop, implement and adjust lessons—with children—right away. This work is supported by UW faculty and community-based organziations to support engaged and meaningful learning and the ability to bring that learning back to each participant’s school.


EduDesign Lab has had excellent results. At the end of the first school year following our intial summer pilot, 95% of participants reported increased confidence to try new teaching strategies, and 63% reported increased leadership skills. Since then we have continue to build upon the design of the project to better support teachers each year. Summer 2019 will mark the launch of our fifth elementary cohort, our second secondary cohort, and our first special education cohort. All three cohorts will be leading their own learning together according to their own needs and interests.

Over the next two years we plan to grow the project to serve six cohorts of 20 teachers annually—impacting more than 13,000 students. We invite your help to grow this effort to support Washington’s teachers and students as a community partner, local educator, or donor!

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2016 Elementary EduDesign Lab focused on Next Generation Science Standards, integrating science across the curriculum, and accessing community resources for science instruction. 

2015 Elementary EduDesign Lab focused on building a teacher's technology toolbox

For more information contact Deborah Massachi (massachi@uw.edu).